Investment Manager

Dr. Rebecca Allan supports BoxOne’s Life Sciences portfolio as an Investment Manager. Her passion for entrepreneurship combined with her expertise in medicinal chemistry allow for the support and evaluation of companies in deep tech, bioengineering, computational biology, therapeutic platforms, and drug discovery.

Rebecca’s experience in venture creation studios and student-led VC funds has provided her with a robust foundation in identifying and enhancing visionary companies. During her thesis work and working as an independent consultant, Rebecca cultivated vital operational expertise, particularly in navigating the intricacies of spin-out companies.

Rebecca holds a Master’s in Chemistry from Cardiff University and a Ph.D. in Chemistry from the University of Toronto, with a specialization in small molecules and rare diseases.

Rebecca is an ardent appreciator of life’s simple pleasures, finding solace and inspiration in the countryside and nature at large. In her leisure moments, summer finds her sailing and running, while winter sees her navigating snowy slopes. Throughout the seasons, Rebecca frequents locally-owned coffee shops, indulging in the charm and warmth they offer year-round.