Arvind Ramanathan is a co-founder at BoxOne Ventures. In 2005, he and Josh Felker co-founded Vigilant Global, a proprietary trading company.

From its modest beginning in Arvind's mother's apartment in Lasalle, Vigilant 
Global grew to one of Canada's top trading firms thanks to some great algorithms and several brilliant early hires. When DRW acquired Vigilant in 2012, Arvind joined DRW as a partner. In 2021, after helping the Montreal office expand to over 200 employees, Arvind decided to focus on new challenges.

Arvind actively supports youth education. He has been on the board of Youth Fusion, an organization that helps increase high school graduation rates, for almost fifteen years. Arvind also started the Sun and Truth Foundation, which supports initiatives that promote youth education and aims to help humans reconnect with nature. Arvind is also still involved in giving back to his high school, LCCHS, and he participates in robotics programs and food drives.

Arvind holds a Master's degree in Financial Economics from Queen's University and a Bachelor's degree in Finance from Concordia University. Arvind is a father of two.