Executive Assistant

Jenn is the executive assistant at BoxOne Ventures. She joined the team in May 2021 to help support their growth as a company and has jumped into the mix at full-speed.

In 2018, she founded Powell Prosperity, a business solutions company, with a goal of partnering with companies and individuals who shared her values and aims. Jenn has worked with clients from many different avenues of reach, including educational not-for-profits, technology startups, speakers and trailblazers in the BIWOC space, and creators who give a voice to the unheard.

Prior to BoxOne, Jenn spent ten years working front lines in the social services industry in Alberta, and she paired that with various entrepreneurial endeavors focused on creating and supporting positive change in society. Jenn is a mother of two who, in 2019, took her skills and family to Nicaragua for a year and a half to expand her children’s horizons. She has moved back to Ontario - for now.